First Visit Expectations

First Visit Overview

Your first visit to the Chiropractic Health Centre will require an intake form to be filled out to obtain your particulars. You will be asked your reason(s) for the visit and a physical exam will be performed. Some evaluation tests will be done to determine your range of motion, posture and mobility reflexes after which the results will be explained to you in clear simple terms. X-rays may be required in some cases.

After the evaluation a Treatment Plan will be outlined and treatments may actually start on your first visit. One final detail is the signing of a standard consent form to begin your treatments.

Key Points for First Visits

  • Fill out intake form.
  • Reason for visit explanation.
  • Physical exam performed.
  • Evaluation Tests.
  • Evaluation explanation.
  • Sometimes Xrays needed.
  • Treatment plan prescribed.
  • Consent form signing to begin.